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   YBM was jointly built by Yatai Group and CRH Group in Ireland in 2008 (Yatai holds 74% of its equity and CRH holds 26%). In 2012, YBM acquired Liaoning Zhongbei Cement Company Limited, Liaoning Jiaotong Cement Company Limited and Shenyang Coal Group Heiniugou Quarry Company Limited, after which YBM’s layout in Liaoning province has been improved.

   In 2013, YBM further enriched its bands of cement products in Heilongjiang province and strengthened its infiltration into the southeast market of Harbin. Early 2014, YBM acquired Harbin Sanling Cement Company, which has further improved its layout in Heilongjiang province. Currently, YBM, taking the three northeast provinces as a whole, has formed a general and strategic layout in the three northeast provinces which covers three core economic zones, i.e. Harbin, Daqing and Qiqihar Economic belts in Heilongjiang province, Changchun, Jilin and Tumen Development Zone in Jilin province and within-one-hour around Shenyang Economic Zone in Liaoning province.

   Jilin Yatai Group Building Materials Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Yatai Building Materials), with the registered asset of 6.356 billion Yuan, has two famous trademarks in China, which are “Dinglu” and “Swan”, and six provincially famous trademarks, which are “Shanquan”, “Longtanshan”, “Sanling”, “Tiexin”, “Jianba”and “Jin Dinglu”. Its products include 8 items, which are clinker, cement, RMC, aggregate, tunnel segment, sleeper, prefabricated panel and bags. The products have been well received by customers with their good quality.

   Up till now, YBM has 44 subordinate plants (34 subsidiaries and 10 branches) and 9380 employees. It has 17 new dry clinker production lines with the annual clinker capacity of 19.07 million tons; and it owns 34 cement grinding mill systems with the annual cement capacity of 24.38 million tons.

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